The Flemish Aerospace Group (FLAG) is a cluster organisation for enterprises active in the aerospace market.

Our organisation supports the development of aviation and related technologies, improves the visibility of the Flemish aerospace globally aiming for a growing market share.

We cater for our members’ interest on a political level, facilitate networking between our members, develop business opportunities by organising attendance to major business events and aim at a well-functioning triple helix structure.


Aviation is at the threshold of a new era. Depending on the segment the growth in the next decades will be fueled by passenger growth and supported by new technology developments. The major OEM’s will adapt by building the necessary know-how either by acquisitions, strategic partnerships and/or research and development. The Flemish aerospace industry boasts a broad range of technologies and services well suited to benefit of these upcoming changes. Both our SME’s and multinationals have, or can develop, the innovative know-how in key areas like composites, 3D printing, complex structures in metal alloys,… to gain and strengthen their place in supply chains. Already today our members supply to OEM’s worldwide. More information about the strengths and potential of the Flemish aerospace industry can be found in a study commissioned by Agentschap Ondernemen and executed by Altran. The study finalised early 2015 and is available at request.


  • € 1.2 billion turnover in Flemish Aerospace sector
  • 72 members

FLAG is since April 2017 recognised by the Flemish government as an official cluster (Innovatief Bedrijfsnetwerk). More information here.

Together for strong growth by innovating and internationalising

Flanders can stand to be a little more innovative concerning entrepreneurship. There is a need for more innovation-spirited companies with strong growth ambitions and an international outlook. We commit to a strong partnership between these companies, knowledge institutions and governments in order to set up activities that lead to an economic added value for both the individual and a large group of companies.

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship joins forces and combines resources with its cluster partners. FLAG is the cluster for the aeronautical industry.

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