About AMT-Titastar

AMT-Titastar is a start-up company which has been created in 2015 as a Joint Venture between BMT Aerospace, world leader in aerospace gears and structural components, and AET who develops products taking advantages of titanium 3D printing.

AMT Titastar consists of 2 complementary business units: a first unit active in development, production and sales of advanced Smart Drilling machines, and a second unit is built around engineering and production of high quality titanium 3D printed parts.

Smart Drilling Machines

A family of patented drilling machines have been designed from scratch and optimized to drill complex stack-ups of materials for aeronautic industry; the Smart Drills are capable to adjust and optimize drilling parameters to each individual material of any stack up.

Thanks to the use of titanium additive manufacturing, the Smart Drilling have the best strength versus weight ratio; the electrical low voltage power and dedicated NC controller result in a powerful, compact, capable and safe Smart Drill; thanks to embedded real time monitoring, the Smart Drill guarantees traceability and process quality of the drilled bores.

Titanium 3D printing

AMT-Titastar has become expert in metal 3D printing thanks to the series production of our own Smart Drill line of products. The company chose the EBM technology which is the most productive and qualitative as of today.

AMT-Titastar is a one-stop integrated solutions provider, offering all steps in the process, from functional analysis over (re)designing for 3D printing to 3D manufacturing, finishing and coating of components. AMT-Titastar is qualifying to produce parts in titanium either individually or as part of an aircraft sub-assembly.

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Venecolaan 10
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T: +32 9 266 16 01