About EFL Drywash

EFL NV based in Belgium is the exclusive distributor in the EU for SKYWASH International in the USA. EFL NV is committed to promoting “green initiatives” by offering environmental, innovative and user-friendly products and provide efficient DRYWASH technology and services.

Products: Exterior Drywash products/Paint restoring treatments/polishes, sealants and Interior cleaning products.
Skywash products are made in the USA and delivered worldwide to maintenance teams in all sectors of MRO/FBO/Airline and general aviation through global suppliers and are available for Automotive, Industrial and Marine applications.

These new generation  SKY-SE1 Drywash products: Drywash with paint protection/Drywash Carbon Activator with paint protection/Drywash II Wax Formula with Nano-Tech polymers and Quick Clean Drywash with Nano-Tech protection are the newest innovative Drywash products on the market. Cleaning and protecting at the same time at any location possible.

Our Key product “Quick Clean Drywash With Nano Tech Protection” is unique. There is no comparable innovative product such as SKYWASH on the market today. The water based product enhanced with polymers (no silicone) doesn’t put a filter on the surface like many other products do but fills up the pores of the surface which results, when frequently used, in a smooth skin.
Once the surface is saturated it becomes self-cleaning as dirt doesn’t have the chance to adhere anymore. A product that cleans and protects at the same time which results in less man hours from the ability to drywash.

  • Elimination of WATER from the Drywash, clean and wax process with only 1 product
  • Elimination of potential contaminated water disposal
  • Reduction of aerodynamic drag and ultimately reduced fuel and CO2 emissions
  • Ultimate costs savings/Anti-Graffiti/Anti UV radiation = no discolouring/Anti-Corrosion/Anti-oxidization/no micro scratching/paint protection and safe on all materials
  • VOC free
  • Approved for spec Boeing, Airbus, MCDonnell Douglas and AMS1650C


SKYWASH = Next Generation AERODYNAMIC Cleaning Solutions


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