About AMS

AMS is a worldwide leading company and service provider in programming activities for automation projects with the use of ROBOTS & PLC systems.

AMS has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, China and Slovakia. We have partnerships with main line builders in Austria, Brazil, Mexico and the USA.

Complete turnkey automation projects can be realized in next main industrial sectors :

  • The automotive and tier 1 suppliers (Volvo, Audi, Nedcar, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, …)
  • The food industries (Friesland Campina, …)
  • The aircraft manufacturing industries (Sonaca)
  • The pharmaceutical sector (Janssen Pharmaceutica)
  • The logistics and warehousing (De Belgische Post, ..)

Our inventions for the Industry 4.0 :

  • Our Robomould® global patented rotational moulding system
  • Our logistic handling solutions for mixed palletizing and airport handling (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Heathrow)
  • Our AGV system integrated with main ERP systems (Friesland Campina, AAT Germany)

Robomould® is our :

  • Unmanned manufacturing system for rotational moulding process.
  • The first worldwide automated system with advanced process technology to produce plastic parts and glass fiber technology.
  • Industries 4.0 launched in the specific field of rotational molding manufacturing.

Today the rotational molding industry produces mostly fuel tanks, air ducts for the truck/automotive/airplane industries.

As the number of electric powered vehicles rise year after year, the future of rotational molding technology for inner and outer automotive parts will become more and more important. Highly finished high class low weight products to reduce CO2 output. Based on PLA-products and fiber technology. Painted if necessary.

So new materials, new products, new technologies … for the automotive BUT ALSO for airplane industries … up to aerospace, interior components, all kind of tanks, vessels …

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Kieleberg 5
3740 Bilzen, Belgium