About Asco

Incorporated in 1954, Asco is a proven technology specialist and supply chain integrator in research, design, development, precision machining, processing, certified assembly and maintenance of complex high-strength metallic aircraft components.

Asco is a Belgian privately owned company with global presence through four manufacturing plants in Belgium, the United States, Canada and Germany.

Asco is the world leader in design and manufacturing of high-lift mechanism devices –slat mechanisms and flap support and mechanisms- and produces landing gear subassemblies and complex structural components.

Its global, 100% Aerospace customer base includes most aircraft manufacturers as well as many related Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers.

Asco is present on most civil aircraft platforms over 50 seats and active on selected military programs.

Today, the Asco group employs 1500 people. The company’s annual sales are above 400 million USD.  Asco is ranked among the top 100 aerospace companies worldwide*.

* PWC/Flight annual Top 100 ranking

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