C-MAC Electromag BVBA


About C-MAC Electromag BVBA

C-MAC is a leading independent manufacturer for complex, high reliability electronics circuits and system assemblies for harsh conditions including high temperature and extremes of vibration and humidity environments. We are experienced in semi & fully automating production process for high volume production needs mastering a wide range of technology capabilities including thick film ceramics, direct bonded copper substrates & wire bonding for power electronics, PCBA, module assemblies etc .

Working with Highest Quality Standards providing established, ‘zero defects’ embedded quality culture & traceability : EN9100; ISO9001; ISO14001; IATF: 16949; ISO 13485

World renowned companies in automotive, aerospace, medical & industrial markets rely on us to provide zero defect quality levels. Our customers are served from three strategically positioned manufacturing sites, Ronse (Belgium), Sherbrooke (Canada), and Warwick (U.K.). In total we employ 300 people. With a pedigree in the electronics industry stretching back over 50 years, our customers benefit from top-class engineering and industry expertise.


Industriëlestraat 4
9600 Ronse
T. +32 (0)55 21 53 51
E-mail: bertvanneste@cmac.com