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About Cevema Surface Treatments bvba

Since more than 30 years, Cevema is active on the market of industrial surface treatments. 
The expertise developed throughout the years @ Cevema Surface treatments  helps customers solve problems and improve the properties of their products using a wide range of surface coating technologies such as:
Anodizing (type 1,2,3)
chromate coatings 
hard chrome 
nickel plating 
zinc plating 
Surtec 650

EN 9100 & Nacap approved

Their customers come from industries that include aerospace , defence, medical, automotive,mining ,… 
They are an approved supplier to many well known companies in the industry such as Thales, Safran , Duracell,…and work with customers to find solutions for their specific requirements.


To them, those are not idle words. They are most eager to assist you in your search to obtain the best possible coating for your product. 

For this purpose, they work in cooperation with certain research organisations. 

Also, they have a well-equipped laboratory at their disposal, where they are able to perform: 

  • Salt Spray testing 
  • Hardness testing 
  • Roughness testing 
  • Taber-testing
  • Layer thickness testing 


Dellestraat 26
3560 Lummen
Tel.: +32 (0)13 53 06 80
E-mail: info@cevema.be