About Compolam

Compolam develops and produces thin hybrid composite laminates.  They are composed of thermoplastics, metal foils, and include fabric reinforcement when needed. Our hybrid composite materials are extremely durable and robust.  They are fit for use in challenging environments such as

  • XRL laminates are used for making (flexible) printed circuit boards and heater circuits that must operate at high temperatures and resist to chemicals or radiation. Other applications include shielding, corrosion protection, heat reflection and inductive welding. These laminates are typically based on PEEK, PEI or PPS with Cu, Al, Ni, Inconel or Stainless Steel.
  • CompoSTRIKE tapes provide excellent lightning strike protection for thermoplastic composite aerospace structures. We make Automated Tape Laying (ATL) easy.
  • STRIKETAPE provides extreme durable lightning strike protection for radomes and windmill blade.


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