About Diabatix

Diabatix is an engineering company that expertly guides you through the design process of your next-generation cooling systems. Whether it concerns liquid or air-cooled heat sinks, we can customize a solution that fits your specific needs. To achieve this we have developed artificial intelligence technology which can produce a highly customised design in no time. This combined process using human expertise and unmatched computing power results in advanced products. Thermal applications addressed with the Diabatix AI-system typically yield exceptional cooling performance improvements up to 30%. We strongly believe that A.I. technology is the way forward to redefine the very essence and limits of effective thermal design.

The thermal management solutions created by Diabatix offer a tremendous opportunity for the aerospace industry. Whether is it optimizing the design for saving weight, increasing reliability or reducing the size of the cooling component, our A.I. technology is perfectly suited to take the specific needs and demands of the industry into account during the design process.


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