About Elsyca

Elsyca is the engineering innovation partner of choice for corrosion engineering and corrosion resistant design, as well as for surface finishing and electrochemical manufacturing. With a powerful combination of a unique computer simulation technology and practical engineering skills, Elsyca is capable of designing, modeling, simulating and optimizing the complete range of electrochemical processes.

Elsyca’s computer simulation technology is unique and state-of-the-art, and delivers both software as well as engineering services.

With respect to surface finishing, Elsyca is able through upfront simulation and process optimization to improve the quality performance of electroplating processes, which are used for example in chrome or Cd plating of landing gear, platinum plating of turbine blades, and electroplating of many other mission-critical aerospace components.

With respect to corrosion-resistant design, Elsyca’s technology is able to evaluate a design with all material choices for its corrosion susceptibility in terms of galvanic corrosion (due to dissimilar metal interfaces) and from there to evaluate alternative materials, finishes, coatings, etc.

With respect to acoustic leakage, Elsyca’s geometrical path detection software allows to identify paths between source and receiver, as for example of interest for pressurized cabin acoustics (cockpit acoustics wrt avionics ventilation, HF sound transmission through door systems), environmental control systems, engine systems, etc.

In the aerospace industry, Elsyca’s services are used by numerous customers such as Honeywell, Bell, the USA DoD, united Technologies, etc.


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