About Euramec

Euramec designs, develops and manufactures professional flight training devices. Their mission is to make flight training better and more affordable through the availability of high quality, low cost flight simulation equipment.  They have a standard range of products but also develop and build custom devices for flight schools, air forces, universities and some of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

Their product range starts with desktop training devices used to teach familiarity with the cockpit panel and/or instruments and avionics. Their mainstream products however are fixed base aircraft specific flight training devices certifiable according to EASA FNPT-II or FAA level 5 standard or equivalent.

They also design custom products following customer’s specifications. This can be for complete flight training devices or just for some instruments. They are capable to do both software and hardware development and the availability of rapid prototyping equipment is helping them a lot in this activity.

Their activity of custom products can be done both for civil and military aviation and comprises fixed wing as well as rotary wing devices. They are also active in the field of business aviation next to general aviation and commercial aviation.

Euramec’s headquarters is based in Belgium. The group has a design and production center near Porto in Portugal, an office in Hong Kong and in China. They are one of the few companies in the world that are dealing with such a wide range of flight training devices.


Aartstraat 30
9220 Hamme Belgium