About I.revitalise

I.revitalise is the first B2B capacity sharing platform for high-tech and high-value assets and capabilities in and around the aeronautical industry.

It is focused on three markets:

1. Manufacturing,

2. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

3. Research and Development.

After 8 years as an F-16 Technical Officer and Material Manager in the Belgian Air Force and 4 years as Head of Production Engineering at Safran Aircraft Engine Services Brussels, Stefan Verreyken has founded I.revitalise in order to valorize high-tech assets and capabilities as well as to provide easy access to them through an online digital platform. On this platform, aeronautical companies can easily share either assets such as NDI equipment or capabilities such as Part 145 surface treatment with each other.


Selsaetenstraat 18
2160 Wommelgem
Tel.: +32 468 27 48 05
E-mail: info@irevitalise.eu