About Iemants

Iemants’ goal in aviation is constructing large buildings for airports and airplane hangars for technical maintenance, repair and storage. Iemants for example already built the new passengers terminal at the airport of Bierset in Liège and the entrance hall of the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.

Iemants is an international steel construction company with a proven track record in the engineering, production, delivery and assembly of mainly heavy, technically complex and architectonic steel constructions.

Iemants is part of Smulders, an international steel construction group that helps to realize unique and challenging projects in three different markets: Offshore Wind, Offshore Oil & Gas and Civil & Industry.

With regards to Civil & Industry, Iemants internationally gained experience in several sectors. When it comes to eye-catching architectural and high-rise steel constructions, Iemants has built a nice track record throughout the years. Because it often concerns buildings that are based on a complex design, Iemants is very conscious of the necessity to think along with the architect when it comes to offering technical solutions. Some of our references are: Court of Justice Antwerp, Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris and Tour D2 Paris.

Iemants also has a proven track record when it comes to bridges. Whether it’s an artistic, complex or functional bridge design, Iemants has made them all already and will never refuse a new challenge. We always think along with our clients and offer them the best solution.