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About KU Leuven – Department of Mechanical Engineering

KU Leuven is a general university, which is active on 6 campuses throughout the Flemish region (Brugge-Oostende, Kortrijk, Gent-Aalst, Mechelen, Leuven, Geel and Diepenbeek). Its mission is threefold: higher education, research and service to industry and society.

KU Leuven offers educational programmes at bachelor (55), master (133) and advanced master (48) level in 16 faculties. KU Leuven employs a staff of about 11500 people, and about 41000 students are enrolled at KU Leuven every year. KU Leuven has two master programmes in the specific sector of aeronautics, in the master programmes of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences (Mechanical Engineering, in Dutch and in English) and in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Sciences (Electro-mechanical Engineering, in Dutch).

Research at KU Leuven is organised in departments and research centres, which bring together research groups with different backgrounds which are active in related application areas. The Leuven research centre in Aero- & space Science, technology and Applications (LASA) co-ordinates activities of research and development in different fields of science and technology which are relevant for the aeronautics sector. Most of these departments are in the faculty of engineering sciences (Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Electrical Engineering). Research fields include production engineering and manufacturing technology, robotics and automation, structural dynamics and acoustics, propulsion, aerodynamics, materials development (metals and composites), health monitoring and inspection techniques, telecommunication, next to others. KU Leuven is an active partner in regional and international research and development projects. An important element in the valorisation strategy of research results is the creation of spin-off companies: Layerwise (currently 3D Systems), LMS International (currently Siemens Industry Software), Materialise, Metalogic and Metris (currently Nikon Metrology), are just five of the companies which have been founded established on results of KU Leuven research.



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