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High-end Metal 3D Printing for High-end Applications

3DS LayerWise is a leading production center exclusively focusing on Metal 3D Printing for aerospace, industrial and medical applications. The company was founded by Jonas Van Vaerenbergh and Peter Mercelis, who pioneered the technology at the University of Leuven. The Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology mastered by 3DS LayerWise targets both serial production and prototyping. This digital technology produces the optimum shape of complex freeform parts in a single manufacturing step, in any preferred metal (alloy). Monolithic AM parts exhibit improved performance, functionality and reliability, using less material and no scrap. Typical applications cover propulsion, mechanical parts for aerospace and satellites – ranging from structural to communication. Last September, LayerWise was acquired by the American 3D Printing leader 3DSYSTEMS (NYSE: DDD).

Through systematic research, in collaboration with the University of Leuven and other research institutions, 3DS LayerWise pushes the bounderies of DMP on multiple levels. Its research expertise en engineering know-how perfects the technology for an increasing number of metals and metal alloys, including titanium, tantalum and tungsten. Another level touches upon part size. As an DMP technology innovator, 3DS LayerWise is able to produce 400+ millimeter metal parts. Key is the collaboration with customers. Together 3DS LayerWise addresses the functionality of the part design and select the most suitable metal alloy, and gradually ramp up from prototyping to serial production


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