L&D Jet Techniek


About L&D Jet Techniek

L&D Jet Techniek NV offers precise machining of all metallic and composite materials , in complex shapes with the use of waterjet cutting and milling/drilling/routing.

The production uses classical Waterjet cutting: 2D , or 5-axis as well as a very Unique Machining center were both technologies (5-axis milling and 5_axis cutting) are combined to offer you the best technical and economical solution in machining your products.

Our mean advantages:  All kind of materials possible  up to great thicknesses , Complex shapes possible, No heat input, High Tolerances.

The capacity of L&D is 96  hours production time a day (till144 hours possible)

Dimensions possible 6000x4000x1500mm . Up till 9 meter length possible

L&D offers engineering services, and quality control for aviation parts. We provide short lead times and offer solutions to reduce prices. Reactivity, Performance, Quality and Confidentiality are Key Words for L&D.

L&D is ISO 9001: 2016 and EN9100 D certified.


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