About MatchID


They are MatchID, and they do metrology beyond colors.

They do so by redefining the standards for DIC, and by bridging the gap between measurement and simulation.

As a spin-off from the university of Leuven, MatchID was created because of the limitations of existing DIC systems.

These systems produce, at best, good results because of generally limited freedom of access.

To consistently ensure the highest accuracy results, MatchID has built a completely open, fully customizable, totally adaptable DIC-ecosystem, allowing them to guarantee the most precise and accurate results, independent of test, material or circumstances.

Because their DIC results are consistently accurate, they were able to go above and beyond, and they developed a material validation module, that allows the user to have all relevant material characteristics calculated from an absolute minimum of DIC test, thereby structurally shortening the engineering cycle.

Still, MatchID didn’t stop there: they formally bridged the gap with the simulation world, by integrating with FEA systems.

By importing, aligning and correlating FEA models with DIC results, they are able to perform a one-to-one comparison between the both, and thus guaranteeing that product simulations are an adequate and correct reflection of real-life behavior.

This combined offer of a highly accurate DIC kernel, with tools for characterizing materials and validating end-product real-life behavior, allows MatchID to help you structurally shorten your product development cycles, to save time and money on testing, sampling and simulation, and on generally creating a more efficient engineering trajectory.

They are MatchID, they characterize and identify materials.


Deinsesteenweg 94A
9031 Drongen
T +32 9 223 64 41
E info@matchid.eu