About Netalux

Netalux is a privately owned Belgian service company specialized in laser cleaning, offering on site as well as off site cleaning services. This state of the art technology allows them to remove a wide variety of organic as well as inorganic contaminants such as paint, oxides, rust, grease, etc. Substrates are most likely to be a steel alloy, although other substrates like concrete and composites are just as possible.

As a reliable partner to their clients, Netalux is part of the value chain and offers solution driven services. Meaning they will always think of the bigger picture and support their clients in every way possible to reach their goals, even if they have no other techniques but laser cleaning in their fleet.

How it works.

Their technique allows for a a low noise, low dust solution without the use of chemicals or high pressure air. The little dust created is instantly vacuumed by industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with P3 filters and additional filters when needed. When Netalux is cleaning a certain area, adjacent personnel is not bothered or endangered. The operational setup is simple: within a 5 metres perimeter laser cleaning safety goggles are mandatory. The operational area is protected with safety screens.

The high energy light pulses are absorbed by the contaminant and, upon reflection, the contaminant is heated which creates a thermal shock between contaminant and substrate. The contaminant is then partly vaporised, dust and gasses are contained by instant suction.

Given the fact that their technique is based on the principles of light, it does not damage the substrate, nor does it bring secondary waste to the process. The total project is therefore safer, healthier and environmentally friendlier than conventional methods. It’s a stable process that allows for superior cleanliness and precision. More information can be found on their website, but you might as well give them a call. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!


The aerospace industry is fairly new to them, besides their work for Sabca Limburg where they clean the moulds for the Airbus A400M. They see many possibilities for the technology in the sector because of the unique characteristics of laser cleaning.

They’re proud of theirĀ  clients, spread over different industries, each and everyone of them with specific needs and problems they solved!


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3290 Diest
+32 13 77 71 73
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