Raytech is an industrial supplier specialized in laser technology. Since the foundation of the company in 1988, they started focusing on high precision laser technology in combination with engineering. Thanks to this specialization, the company experienced a steady growth which made them one of the leading laser companies in the Benelux.

Raytech, located in Bruges, consists of two departments. Besides the micro laser cutting/welding department, they also have an Additive Manufacturing department. As a subcontractor, Raytech offers 3D metal printing services with a strong focus on titanium and aluminium.

The key markets are high demanding industries such as aerospace, medical and automotive, which require 100% trusted components with high precision and tolerances. The aim of Raytech is to contribute to further developments in these high-tech industries.

The motto of the company; ‘more than precision’ speaks for itself. Raytech continues to specialize in the production of components with high precision. In the beginning of 2018, they will officially open a new micro laser processing center with new laser cutting – and welding possibilities, and high accurate measurement solutions. More about this later…