Rebel Technical Solutions

About Rebel Technical Solutions

Rebel Technical Solutions is a supplier of professional lubricants and process partner for the metalworking industry, injection moulding, agricultural sector, energy companies, construction and general industry. We exclusively work with Avia Bantleon as our service and supply-partner in Belgium. Avia Bantleon is known for their partnerships with Liebherr Aerospace. 

Although we are a new addition to the Belgian manufacturing landscape, we combine more than thirty years of vast knowledge and commercial experience in a wide range of markets. Our experience has taught us that things can be done differently, hence our company name. We do things in our own rebellious way, completely in line with the demands of our partners.

We strive to become a total process partner for the companies we work with. We go beyond simply supplying a barrel of oil. We’ll come to you. Become familiar with your production processes, to give strategic and substantiated advice and to ensure and monitor the cleaning and maintenance of your machines and process media to perfection, resulting in a safer, more sustainable and more efficient production facility.

As a process partner, we are always focused on solutions and we are happy to subject your production processes to a fresh, profound and thorough study. We do this by starting every cooperation with a thorough process analyses report and in-depth lab analyses on material, machine and processing media. Subsequently, we have about 2000 professional lubricants for a wide variety of manufacturing disciplines.

We let you keep total focus on the things your company excels in, while we do what we’re best at!


Goirleweg 1c
2382 Poppel