About Rogers

Rogers BVBA, a subsidiary of Rogers Corporation, has its global headquarters for the development and production of laminated busbars in Gent and is producing of advanced printed circuit materials for high frequency applications in Evergem.

Rogers recently invested in a dedicated R&D center and the production of specialty laminates based on LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) or PEEK (Poly Ether Ether Ketone) polymer films with copper, aluminium, nickel etc.. These specialty laminates are used in printed circuit boards, lightning strike protection, de-icing heaters, fuel and flow sensors, RFID tags, battery packaging etc.

PEEK is a high melting point thermoplastic with unique features : it is fit for use in harsh environments where the material is exposed to extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals or radiation and it has very low moisture absorption. It is a proven material used in various avionics and aerospace applications and outperforms polyimide and PTFE in many aspects

Under Clean Sky, the framework by the European Commission, Rogers and its partners developed the concept of a Large High Temperature Flexible Printed Circuit Board : a 2.5 meter long wire harnesses replacing heavy PTFE cables in airplane jet engines, exposed to temperatures in the range of 260 to 330°C.

Rogers BVBA, Afrikalaan 188, 9000 Gent, BELGIUM

Contact: Koen Hollevoet, Business Development Manager, koen.hollevoet@rogerscorporation.com
Phone: +32 9 2353718


Afrikalaan 188
9000 Gent