About ScioTeq

ScioTeq is a leading provider of advanced visualization solutions for the avionics market.
Used in over 150 aircraft types, both civil and military, ScioTeq’s video displays, smart displays, mission computers and MOSArt open software architecture offers pilots the situational awareness they need to fly safely, even under the most demanding conditions.

With roots going back to the 1980s, ScioTeq knows how to build and manufacture innovative visualization solutions for avionics. The company combines that experience and expertise with a unique, vendor-independent approach and a constant commitment to innovation. The result? Solutions that excel in performance, energy-efficiency and reliability, for aircraft manufacturers as well as system integrators.

ScioTeq is headquartered in Kortrijk (Belgium) and has sales, engineering and manufacturing locations throughout the world.
More than the avionics market, ScioTeq also delivers advanced visualization solutions for air traffic control (ATC) centers and defense & security customers around the globe.


President Kennedypark 35A
8500 Kortrijk – Belgium
+32 56 27 20 00