THOR-Maintenance BVBA

About THOR-Maintenance BVBA

THOR-Maintenance is a company that specialises in asset management. It works on a project basis in a partner relationship with its clients. Its goal is to always achieve maximum machine availability at minimal cost. THOR-Maintenance takes an integrated approach, in which the four pillars in the growth process (systems, processes, people and data) are developed, monitored and safeguarded. In this growth process, THOR-Maintenance guarantees a professional implementation of the following model projects:

  • Asset information system:

    -Technical implementation of CMM or EAM software
    -Setting up technical warehouses and an MRO policy
    -Setting up document management systems
    -Drawing up dynamic instructions for managing asset information

  • Asset maintenance information system:

    -Guidance and implementation of criticality assessments (FMECA)
    -Guidance and implementation of reliability assessments (RCM)
    -Guidance and implementation of integrity assessments (MICE)
    -Setting up maintenance strategies and programmes (PM, PdM, TPM, Routings, …)
    -Setting up zero-based budgeting

  • Maintenance execution management system:

    -Setting up and managing dynamic job instructions
    -Setting up job descriptions based on the RASCI methodology (tasks, roles, functions
    -Setting up and managing a skill, competence & training matrix
    -Setting up a breakdown strategy and process
    -Defining KPIs and developing reporting tools
    -Setting up LOTOTO, RA & LMRA procedures
    -Defining an outsourcing policy & specifications (commissioning)

  • Continuous improvement management:
    -Setting up RCA & Pareto analyses
    -Setting up an MOC process
    -Setting up a QA/QC process
    -Setting up and supervising 5S, SMED, … projects

With over 25 years of experience in asset management, THOR-Maintenance is the perfect partner to guide companies to an ‘Industry 4.0’ level. THOR Maintenance helps companies evolve from a ‘knowledge culture’ to an ‘information structure’.


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