ZiggZagg nv


About ZiggZagg nv

ZiggZagg NV, founded in 2013 and located in Aalter has grown in the last year to be a stable player in the AM market.

With a focus on architectural models and prototyping they have taken their first steps in the aerospace market with airplane interior models and customised tools and jigs.

Their 3D printing is suited to meet the needs of the aerospace industry through design flexibility, cost reductions, weight savings, improved lead times but also improve functionality and enhance the ability to customize.

The design flexibility allows them to optimize jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing aids for specific tasks, components, individuals or equipment. Their focus here is on plastic tooling parts with FDM, SLS and MJF techniques.

One of ZiggZagg main USP’s is the protection of IP sensitive parts due to it’s ability to produce all parts in-house. Their production facility in Aalter contains SLS, MFJ, SLA and Large Scale FDM printers to meet all needs.

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Venecolaan 10
9880 Aalter, Belgium