FLAG – the cluster for the Flemish aeronautical industry

On April 1, 2017 FLAG starts its three year project together with VLAIO as the cluster for the Flemish aeronautical industry. The goal is to increase the competitiveness of our aeronautical industry by defining and initiating the cooperation between Flemish companies, where necessary augmented by research institutes and universities, all the time aiming to create concrete projects that are embedded in the global supply chain.

The ultimate aim is to double turnover and increase employment with 50% by 2030 compared to 2014 levels.

New research and development cooperation projects will always, due to the specifics of the global aeronautical market, have to be synchronised either with (European) research projects or with opportunities in the supply chain of OEMs and lower Tier companies.

  • Are you already active in the aeronautical market and want to increase your business potential
  • Are you not in the aeronautical market yet and you are looking for a way to enter the complex but fascinating world of aviation
  • Are you wondering how your technology can break into the aeronautical sector
  • Are you hesitating because aviation is complex and operates under very stringent requirements


FLAG will help you find your way whether it is market access, insights, technology matching or internationalisation. Our peers who have decades of experience, will link up with you for joint projects lowering the threshold for your first steps in the aeronautical sector.

FLAG unites the aeronautical sector in Flanders which includes all services and products for the development, production and maintenance of airplanes and helicopters, and the related ground services and airport infrastructure.


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Together for strong growth by innovating and internationalising

Flanders can stand to be a little more innovative concerning entrepreneurship. There is a need for more innovation-spirited companies with strong growth ambitions and an international outlook. We commit to a strong partnership between these companies, knowledge institutions and governments in order to set up activities that lead to an economic added value for both the individual and a large group of companies.

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship joins forces and combines resources with its cluster partners. FLAG is the cluster for the aeronautical industry.

Discover the other clusters at www.vlaio.be/clusters. #sterkgroeien

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Does your organisation have an R&D project on its radar? Are you looking for partners? Contact us at IBNCoordinator@flag.be for more information.

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