Altran white paper on five ways how digital cabins will revolutionise passenger experience

During Farnborough, Altran published its white paper on five ways how digital cabins will revolutionise passenger experience: Consumers are demanding ever more speed, mobility, control and relevance during travel. These demands for a connected and digital experience are driving both Aircraft Manufacturers and Airlines to invest in scalable infrastructure, updated technology standards, and new operating models. In the meantime, the race to connectivity is accelerating: industry experts forecast that over 20,000 aircraft cabins will be connected by 2025. As an example, the Airbus A350 XWB, known as “the only digital native aircraft,” is 100 % equipped with in-flight connectivity and is uniquely designed to integrate systems, while making the most effective use of space and weight to provide a seamless door-to-door connected experience. Smoother communications between connectivity nodes in the aircraft mean passengers could potentially control their own environment – lighting, window shades, seat movement and climate – directly through their smartphones and personal devices, with crews tapping the technology to optimize cabin systems, operational efficiency and personalized service. There have been great improvements in passenger experience throughout the aviation industry, but customers are still looking for that smooth and easy travel experience, where they feel valued and important. This paper offers a glimpse into the 5 technological takeaways that will revolutionize passenger experience in the coming decade.”

You can read the full document here.