Both ASCO, Sabena Aerospace and Ignition! have signed MoAs with Lockheed Martin.




Sabena Aerospace and Ignition! aim to develop further long-term partnerships for sustainment and training services.

Stéphane Burton, CEO of Sabena Aerospace declared: “We are very excited to strengthen our collaboration with Lockheed Martin. We believe it to be important to Belgium and its economy. Lockheed Martin’s ESI provisions support the continuity and the development of our operations, critical to Sabena Aerospace’s strategy for growth, while retaining a talented workforce”.

ASCO aims to develop further long-term partnerships for the manufacture and assembly of high-precision components and machined parts.

Christian Boas, Chief Executive Officer of Asco Industries, said: “This Memorandum of Agreement marks another step of Asco’s continuous support to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 programs across our different entities worldwide. The signature of this Memorandum of Agreement could not only bring significant additional work to our facility in Zaventem, but could also improve our expertise and know-how as a leading machined parts and assemblies provider”.

You can read the full press releases here (ASCO) and here (Sabena Aerospace).