Call for Projects – 3D printing in aerospace – taking the next step

Between now and 2020, OEMs will look for suppliers to start additive manufacturing (AM) in series production. However, a lack of integration of 3D printing technology within the design and production chain hinders an economically feasible series production of functional metal parts.

Therefore, FLAG takes part in a new initiative around AM, together with the Flemish cluster around digitizing manufacturing and Sirris.

The project accelerates the start-up of serial production of AM metal products in aerospace and high-end manufacturing. It builds up knowledge in 2 key themes that impede start-up with series production:

  • Cost efficiency by means of an integrated, digital design
  • Quality insurance by means of a digital passport, resulting from a production system, in which 3D metal printing is integrated with other production technologies


If you want to take a (next) step in 3Dprinting, feel free to contact Luc Stultjens at Flag or Stijn Lambrechts at Sirris. In the framework of this project, you can:

  • provide input on how the digital passport could look like
  • learn which of your components are interesting to print
  • learn how a 3Dprinting design looks like for your products
  • be part of the user group, to get access to research results and steer the project

Contact: +32 474 365 447 +32 473 558 301