Esterline becomes ScioTeq

ScioTeq has a very long heritage of visualization technology, with roots going back 60 years ago.

We got our start as a spin-off of Barco’s television and display business in the mid 1980’s, where we provided the first ruggedized CRT monitor based on COTS technology for the naval market. At the same period, we started to sell our solutions into the airborne market.

In the 1990’s with the evolution of  LCD technology, we were one of the first companies to bring COTS based LCD displays to the most demanding environments, using our patented LCD based technologies.

With the acquisition of Chromatics in the USA (Georgia), we acquired unique graphics generation technology that we embedded in all our display products,  bringing smart symbol generation capabilities to our display solution offerings.

In early 2000, we introduced the first LCD based Air Traffic Control main monitor, replacing obsolete CRTs with 28” LCD displays at 2Kx2K resolution. This display received much acclaim by the industry; so much so that in 2001, it received  the “New Technology” award from Jane’s Information Group.

With over 250,000 display solutions fielded in the last 30 years, ScioTeq Advanced Visualization products are on board of more than 150 aircraft types, more than 100 ships types, more than 50 vehicle types. Everyday more than 80,000 flights are controlled from a ScioTeq Air Traffic Control display.

In 2015, Esterline acquired the Barco Defense, Avionics and Training business which evolved, by combining other Esterline display capabilities, into the Esterline Advanced Displays business unit, now renamed ScioTeq.