LCV opened its new facilities with High Speed Laser Cladding.

During the official opening of their new production facilities, LCV launched its new High Speed Laser Cladding. Laser Cladding is a proven technique for wear resistant coatings because of its better adhesion and carbide structure.

In addition to this advantage, LCV strives for cost reduction.

High speed laser cladding increases productivity and lowers the cost of the coatings.

The technique is particularly suited to rotating parts such as cylinder rods, tubes, shafts, etc., which are clamped on a fast-rotating lathe and coated with a metallic alloy of choice.

Typical materials are carbides, nickel and stainless steel alloys.

LCV has a state-of-the-art high-speed system that can handle parts up to 8 meters and 750 kg. In addition, conventional components can be coated to 12 meters and 3500 kg.

The LCV Coat HS service offers an interesting alternative to hard-chrome since it generates no harmful substances.

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