SABCA for sale

When announcing the positive results for the 2018 financial year, Sabca also announced that Dassault is to sell its 96,85% stake in the company. Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault has shared its intention to pay close attention to the choice of a buyer likely to guarantee SABCA’s industrial future under the best conditions. No impact is anticipated on current programs or on all other contracts and prospects. Preserving the continuity of the strategy, the industrial dynamics and the transformation of SABCA will be an essential element in the choice of the future shareholder.

 Thibauld Jongen, CEO SABCA Group: “The decision made by Dassault Group – which was the majority shareholder for more than 50 years – is part of a more global strategy, specific to the group, which also acknowledges the fact that we have made significant progress in recent years to make SABCA robust, profitable and competitive again. And we will continue to be involved in several major Dassault programs, including the F6X Business Jet “.

“Our strength is our commitment to develop the company’s full potential. By pursuing our efforts relentlessly, we continue to take control of our future and give a strong signal to any new shareholder. SABCA is a company that is resolutely looking to the future,” says Thibauld Jongen.

The full press release can be found here.