Zunum confirms flight testing schedule for hybrid-electric aircraft.

Zunum Aero has confirmed that flight testing for its first hybrid-electric regional aircraft, the ZA10, is on schedule to begin next year. The ZA10 is a 12-seat, hybrid-electric 700-mile (1100km) commercial aircraft powered by two low-pressure ducted fans – each driven by a 500kW motor – which Zunum calls its ‘quiet electric propulsors’ (QEPs). The QEPs draw power from lithium-ion batteries in the wings and a 500kW generator in a series hybrid-electric arrangement to give extra range while cruising.

Zunum Aero began ground tests of this hybrid-electric power system in Chicago, Illinois, earlier this year. The power system is being upgraded and tested in stages in advance of its first test flight, which is planned for early 2019. More info can be found here.

Zunum Aero and Safran Helicopter Engines join forces to deliver electric commercial aircraft with unparalleled efficiency. Ardiden 3 engine has been selected to power ZA10 electric generator. This integrated turbo-generator will deliver 500kW of electric power. More info can be found here.