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Project: IMage BAsed Landing Solutions (IMBALS)

The IMBALS project aims to develop, validate and verify a certifiable Image Processing Platform (IPP) and demonstrate it in a Vision Landing System (VLS) that is capable of autolanding the Large Passenger Aircraft (LPA) based on images supplied by a camera system and without support of ground based precision instrument landing aids. The VLS will additionally enhance the situational awareness for the crew during any autolanding by supporting a Combined Vision System (CVS) based HMI in the Disruptive Cockpit.

The IMBALS project is led by ScioTeq with support of (UN)MANNED and 2 European companies in close collaboration with the University of Leuven, and with Airbus as the Clean Sky topic leader. IMBALS is prone to have a direct positive impact on global aviation safety and mobility, competitiveness of the EU aeronautical industry, the global environmental impact of aviation, the competitiveness of the industrial partners, the scientific knowledge within the university and the employment in Europe in general.

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