About Aerocircular®

Aerocircular® is a service provider for fleet owners of medium and large passenger aircraft (+100 seats). They offer a one-stop-shop approach, in which they provide multiple services through balanced cooperation agreements with these fleet owners in order to maximize the value of their economical end-of-life aircraft by reusing, upcycling (having the ambition to regain materials in a way that they gain value, rather than to lose value as is often the case in traditional recycling) and recycling the parts and components.

Aerocircular® employs qualified staff using specialized tooling and indoor conditioned dismantling facilities within it’s own Part 145 license. Aerocircular® focusses on knowledge, research and innovation and has a strong belief in the sharing of knowledge with universities, research centers, industry organizations and partners in the supply chain of parts and materials. Aerocircular® strives for a pan-European setup of at least four sites, starting its first site at Ostend-Bruges Int’l Airport, Belgium.

Since the beginning of the economic and financial crisis, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Member States have more and more attention to the problem of scarce resources and raw materials. In order to ensure the availability of these resources and materials, Europe is aiming at improving the access to primary raw materials, at the reduction of the consumption of these resources and materials and on the maximum recovery of these materials from end-of-life products.

Aerocircular® uses best practice environmental standards and engages itself to contribute to the European Union’s ambition to evolve towards a circular economy.


Int'l Airport Ostend-Bruges
Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 887 box 40
8400 Ostend
tel: +32 59 36 59 00
email: info@aerocircular.green