(Un)manned BV


About (Un)manned BV

(UN)MANNED is an SME (2014) with focus on certified avionics on board of (un)manned aircraft and for ground stations.

Our in-house developed hardware (SolAero) complies with the highest safety certification requirements. The focus of (UN)MANNED’s technology is the automation of airworthiness software certification. The patented certified technology is unique worldwide.

Clients buy our SolAero avionics computer with pre-installed software (SolOS). (UN)MANNED typically also writes the application (e.g. a primary flight display or an autopilot) that the client requires.

With the drive for aircraft to become smarter (e.g. interconnectivity, one pilot cockpit,…) and greener (electrification of aircraft), certified automation will play an ever-increasing key role. (UN)MANNED aims to be the global leader for complex certified avionics solutions. Our technology is construed such that it facilitates these future developments making complex technologies, like artificial intelligence, available in avionics whilst maintaining the current safety levels (10-9 error rate).


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